Et Tu, Gluten?!

Last night I made a frightening discovery… I may have a gluten intolerance. No, this is not a fad. I would never joke about giving up my delicious breads and pastas, I live for baked goods. However, this overwhelming bloated feeling in my stomach day in and day out is beginning to impact my quality of life, as in, this is no quality. I wake up in pain and I attempt to fall asleep in pain. After doing some research, I found that I have several of the listed gluten intolerance symptoms: weight gain, bloating, depression, exhaustion, irritability and miscarriage.

Obviously I’m no doctor, the weight gain and bloating could be from one too many red velvet cupcakes, the depression has been a constant in my life since age 13, the exhaustion is a symptom of the depression, and the irritability and miscarriage could simply be symptoms of womanhood. However, put them all together and take my diet into consideration… I could be on to something. If so, anger will be my name. I’m already allergic to all nuts, shellfish, grass, mold, dust, dogs, cats and trees… now you take away my baked goods?! C’mon… what’s left?! (Please don’t tell me bacon has gluten; I might die.)

I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment, and I’ll do my best to not be the self-diagnosing patient that knows what’s wrong before they doctor steps in the room… but, oh what if it’s true?! I don’t want to be that “is this gluten free?” person. Those people get on my nerves! Dear lord, not my cupcakes!!!

Just in case… put these on my Christmas list: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gluten-Free Recipe Books


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